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2014 On Monitors Showing Forecasting


This post is #365 since January 1st 2013.  Thanks to all my readers.  Thanks to all my guest posters.  Tomorrow I am releasing two new books.  Book #1 is “Bacon Bits is 101 Relationship Marketing Tips.”  Book #2, a workbook for the original Bacon book! I wish you blessings, good health and prosperity for you […]

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Capture Notes

The old way…  write it all down and transfer to a word doc, and then convert to a pdf and share with your audience.  The new way…  write it down on a white board and take a picture of it.  That lets your meeting partners see what everyone shared without interpretation.  It’s faster, and more […]

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Fun Gifts

When giving a gift to friends, clients or vendors…  have fun with it. Make it personal, and targeted.  Never give your significant other a vacuum or a trash can. Think about that when you are posting on social media.  Not everyone is into chocolate, or soaps or stuffed animals.  Keep the likes and wants of […]

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