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There are so many books you can read, but many of them focus on tactics and technologies. These books are based on over 40 years of learning sound marketing principles. Social networking is not a replacement for face-to-face-networking, but a tool to enhance relationships! Running an award-winning technology communications company, we have learned what is REALLY WORKING with content marketing, social media, websites, sales, technology, and turning marketing dollars into dollars. You can be assured that is information is gimmick-free, fresh, original, entertaining, empathetic, and purely informational.

Each book builds upon the other, but you can also glean some golden nuggets from each and every book. These timeless books are filled with practical and actionable information. From the first page to the last, you can use these today to help improve your social media presence and grow solid and profitable business relationships for years to come.

These books are loved by small and large B2b businesses alike and are even used as textbooks in major universities.  They are easy reads packed with simple to understand and powerful information that will transform the way you think about marketing, networking and social media!

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Blogs - 50 Word Bacon Bits of Wisdom

Give Them a Laugh

When you get the chance to present, add a little humor to help soften the message and engage the crowd.  Making people laugh, makes your presentation more memorable, entertaining, and just makes meetings more fun.  Laugh at yourself first…  and be careful to respect people's feelings.

Big Audiences

Does your message target a smaller group or make a broad appeal?  Both are good and both are important… but know your audience!  Poll them or ask in advance who they will be, but know your audience.  You have to measure that with every post, every tweet, every presentation…  Just remember, “It's Not About You!”.

The Elevator Pitch

Elevator speeches (or pitch) are not just for elevators… they are for meetings, both planned and impromptu!  There are even books written about them.   You have only 30 seconds or less to be heard and be different…  so what makes you stand out, different, memorable?  Work on it, memorize it, practice it, and perfect…

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