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There are so many books you can read, but many of them focus on tactics and technologies. These books are based on over 40 years of learning sound marketing principles. Social networking is not a replacement for face-to-face-networking, but a tool to enhance relationships! Running an award-winning technology communications company, we have learned what is REALLY WORKING with content marketing, social media, websites, sales, technology, and turning marketing dollars into dollars. You can be assured that is information is gimmick-free, fresh, original, entertaining, empathetic, and purely informational.

Each book builds upon the other, but you can also glean some golden nuggets from each and every book. These timeless books are filled with practical and actionable information. From the first page to the last, you can use these today to help improve your social media presence and grow solid and profitable business relationships for years to come.

These books are loved by small and large B2b businesses alike and are even used as textbooks in major universities.  They are easy reads packed with simple to understand and powerful information that will transform the way you think about marketing, networking and social media!

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Bee Noticed

In our neighborhood, there was a tree that turned into a bee hive.  This neighbor was noticed not because of the bees, but because of what they did to save them.  They called a bee keeper who rescued the over 10,000 bees and saved the tree and more.  Go the extra mile to get noticed…


One of my networking partners invited me to a sporting event.  With only two days notice, you can imagine the shuffling it took to make it all work out. You never know who you will meet (friends, clients and more).  Networking through association can be fruitful and fun!

Twitter Profile Pic

Did you know that you can now add a profile header picture to Twitter? Here's the specs – Recommended dimensions of 1252×626 – Maximum file size of 5MB.  Here's a link to learn more. You can still add a background photo and profile picture.  It's just a new creative way to make your twitter profile stand out!…

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