Brian Basilico is a nationally recognized author and speaker (and a self professed geek). He’s the founder and president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an award winning marketing consulting and production company in Aurora, Illinois. B2b helps companies and non-profits market their products and services through the effective use of online tools including: websites, blogs, eMail, social networking, Google, S.E.O., YouTube, and more.

Happy Mother’s Day

Today we give thanks to our Moms.  They showed us how to be strong, how to love unconditionally, and how selflessness leads to a bounty.  They nurtured us and taught us many lessons, especially how to play well in the sandbox with others! To all theMom’s out there.. enjoy your day!

Keep On Learning

Networking groups come in many iterations and flavors.  If you get the chance to present to yours, do your business and the audience a favor… TEACH, DON’T SELL! By educating people you let them know how what you do, can help them and others.  By selling, you simply become another commercial.  Be a resource, and not just…