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Blue Eye

Group Vibes

When you attend a networking group, what vibes do you get? Follow your instincts. Visit a number of groups to find those which fit the Goldilocks test. That is, the groups that are not too mercenary and not too casual, the groups that are not too large and not too small, and the groups whose […]

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Spacing Guild

Think Tank…

Are you part of a mastermind group? Business mastermind groups bring together non-competing business owners, in a forum to discuss challenges and solicit feedback from peers. Beyond receiving advice and fresh ideas, participants in these groups develop a real understanding for the businesses of others and form exceptionally strong network relationships. Consider adding a mastermind […]

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... real reel to reel !

Technology Marches On

Technology continues to find new ways to support business and networking. New printers not only print and copy and scan and fax, they also can have their own email address, internet connectivity, remote access and library of apps. It’s amazing – the inexpensive “basic” all-in-one does all of the above and even connects to free […]

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Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at The Skate Park Creative Commons

Have Something In Common

Commonalities build connection. When you meet someone, find out about their interests. You may be pleasantly surprised that you share involvement in your kids’ soccer accomplishments or dance recitals, or marching band. You may find another dog lover or horse enthusiast. Shared anecdotes or horror stories build connections and connections build relationships. Make connections and […]

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Old school & older school (Louis Mendes)

Pavlovian Networking

Pavlovian automatic reflexes are great. In fact, one automatic reflex is possibly the single most important driver for business networking. I’m talking about the business handshake. Try it yourself. At the next networking function, pick someone in the room, walk up to them, smile, hold out your hand and introduce yourself. Your target will respond […]

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Fearless Networking

Are you apprehensive about networking events? Consider this – a networking event is actually the easiest place to network and make business connections. Everyone else is there for the same reason you are – to connect. By approaching them, you are doing them a huge favor. You may feel awkward, but the person standing alone […]

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3 Words or Less…

In one of the networking groups I manage, we can have between 30 and 50 people show up.  With an hour long meeting…  if everyone gave their full 30 second (more like 1 minute) elevator speech, we would have no time for presentations! I ask them “Describe your business in 3 words or less”. Could […]

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Go Over There…

We are most comfortable when our friends are at the networking groups we go to.  Actively seek out people you don’t know at networking events. Say “Hi” to your friends, but remember your purpose is to make new acquaintances! Ellen Huxtable – Advantage Business Concepts

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