Who Believes?

The spirit of Santa is everywhere.  He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. But more importantly… he brings presents to everyone and expects nothing in return.  What if we all treated networking the same way?  Give unconditionally and expect nothing in return?  Make sure you leave out some milk and cookies!

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Holiday Fun

Part of the allure of being in groups all year long is getting to let your business hair down, and have a little fun! You may not be able to make them all… but do your best to get out there and meet people in fun, holiday settings. Give people (and yourself) the opportunity to […]

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Teach the Leader

At church, the worship leader was asking for lessons from the lead guitar play on how to play lead guitar. Leaders can ALWAYS learn for subordinates, and subordinates and always learn from teaching.  Never pass ups an opportunity to learn or share knowledge…  It makes this world a better place for all!

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