The first time was good, but some people believe that warmed up Thanksgiving leftovers are even better. Networking is also a little like that. The first time meeting people is good, but more often than not, you will see people warm up to you on the second, third and fourth time. Enjoy in moderation!

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Pets can be a connector.  In person they are always the topic of conversation. On-line they can be just as much of a conversation starter.  In fact, the two most shared things or the internet is #1 Kittens and #2 Bacon. Don’t over do it.  Unless you are a celebrity like Angry Kitty, your pet […]

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Know Your Audience…

A friend (and client) of mine is a Great marketer!  She is offering professionally taken pictures of your beloved pet before you need her services (she does in home pet euthanasia). Michael Barton (world class professional photographer) was the brainchild of this idea.  How can you collaborate with someone outside of your field to create […]

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Set Reminders

Every Saturday…  my computers nudge me to update my website.  It’s on my phone, iPad and computers in my calendars.  I don’t always need to add or change things but it reminds me to look at my own websites each week to keep them fresh.  What do you need reminders to do?

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