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What can you do when you forget business cards?  Where can you find networking groups on the web? How can you network while giving back to your community? How can you use email to create to-do lists? How does your technology (phones and tablets) enhance networking? These are just five of the 101 easy and useful tips. These will help you get the most out of networking and grow your business.

These Relationship Marketing tips come from real life experiences with networking, leads and mastermind groups.  Brian shares what he has learned by attending over 20 networking meetings a month, and countless other speeches and presentations. This book offers you quick, simple, practical, and thought provoking ideas and advice.  It will change the way you look at networking for your business.

It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon Bits, will help you get noticed, become memorable and top of mind, and grow your brand and business through tested and proven face-to-face and social networking techniques.

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“Too often, we purchase business books based on “good intentions.” Perhaps the book is highly recommended; perhaps it is currently making the rounds as the internet darling. Whatever the reason, we buy with the intention to read it and absorb vast amounts of knowledge. I know I’ve filled my bookshelves with good intentions.

What makes Bacon Bits different is that the entire book is a series of short tips, logically filed under sections such as networking, technology, social media, time management, and general thoughts. This format makes it easy to keep the book with you and read a few tips – even when you only have a short time. Additionally, with only one tip per page, you can star the ones you like best, jot down notes, and put them into practice. I highly recommend Bacon Bits as a book that won’t merely fill your bookshelf with good intentions.”

Shirley Mott, The Write

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About The Author

Brian Basilico is a nationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and adjunct professor. He brings over 30 years of marketing experience to his award winning internet marketing company, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc. Brian is a syndicated blogger, and has been featured as an guest expert in Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines, as well as various news articles, radio shows, and podcasts.