“Brian Basilico eats, breathes, and sleeps networking. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable on the discipline,or as effective at its practice. If you take these Bacon Bits (gems, really) and commit to put them into practice, you will certainly find your business and your life transformed.”

Harriet Parker – IL SBDC at Waubonsee Community College

“This book is filled with practical gems – quick ideas you can use right now to build connections and grow business. I highly recommend Bacon Bits as a tasty addition to your professional library.”

Ellen Huxtable – Advantage Business Concepts

“In today’s uber busy business world, reading yet another book seems like a looming task. Bacon Bits gives you the opportunity to read and digest short ‘bits’ of essential relationship marketing ideas and guidance that you can rely on in every facet of business regardless of what type of business you are in. This book will be your “go to” workbook as you continually develop your marketing and networking methods. Brian Basilico’s Bacon Bits will be the only self-guided, action ‘now’ book you will ever need to help you create progressive thoughts and ideas for your business. Easy to read, but hard to put down!”

Sally Rutledge – Ott, ACE, NFPC 

“A testament of knowledge is the ability to teach new ideas in ways that anyone can understand. Brian Basilico has mastered this and turned it into an art.”

Michael Barton – Michael Barton Art 

“Too often, we purchase business books based on “good intentions.” Perhaps the book is highly recommended; perhaps it is currently making the rounds as the internet darling. Whatever the reason, we buy with the intention to read it and absorb vast amounts of knowledge. I know I’ve filled my bookshelves with good intentions.

What makes Bacon Bits different is that the entire book is a series of short tips, logically filed under sections such as networking, technology, social media, time management, and general thoughts. This format makes it easy to keep the book with you and read a few tips – even when you only have a short time. Additionally, with only one tip per page, you can star the ones you like best, jot down notes, and put them into practice. I highly recommend Bacon Bits as a book that won’t merely fill your bookshelf with good intentions.”

Shirley Mott – The Write Word 

“As a bit of an introvert myself, I understand how difficult in-person networking can be. But it’s necessary for business. Bacon Bits is the perfect book to give you strategies for walking into a room of new people and creating a memorable impact. No matter how established your business is, or what your networking comfort level is, there’s something in this book for you. There are some great tips in this book. Reading it will help you develop better and more lasting business relationships.”

Matt Brennan – Matthew L. Brennan Freelance Writing