The Rave Reviews Are In:


“Brian’s book is 276 pages of information. No pictures, no charts, no diagrams. So while his book is on my list of definite must-reads, it can seem a bit daunting to the uninitiated social networker. The great thing about Brian is that he realized this and quickly moved to resolved that problem. The solution? The companion workbook to “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon!”

“It’s Not About You, It’s about Bacon” is a “Why-to” not a “How-to”. But many of my clients need that how-to guidance. How to do things like choosing the best networking groups or building the 5 pages essential to every website. Now with the companion workbook, you get both. So many “coaches” simply tell you “do this/don’t do that” without ever explaining why. Others simply explain theory without giving any ideas for implementation. With his book, and now the workbook, Brian does both.

It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon explains networking in all its forms. Not just social media. Face-to-face networking. Blogging. Websites. And then the workbook shows you how to put all that information to work.

It took me a week to first read Brian’s book. And I admit I have not used all of the information in it. Now that I have the workbook I intend to start back at Chapter 1 and take each tidbit of info and see how it applies to my business. I can’t wait to see what happens when I do!”

Melodieann Whiteley – speaker, trainer, coach, owner BoomerBizCoach

“I've been reading “It's not about you, it's about BACON”  by Brian Basilico for several months now.  I have read certain parts over and over again to remind me how simple relationships should be and how difficult we make them.  Brian talks about relationships in the business community and now I am relating to my own business.  I started my business in 2010 and was like a “networker on steroids” for a couple of years.  At times, I was getting discouraged but now I am seeing the fruits of the networking.  I really just wish I had had Brian's book to make me realize how to do a better job of networking and realizing ways to create those relations even better.  I came from over 20+ years in the corporate world where the customer often came to us so this was a major adjustment when I had to go to the customer.

In the book, Brian talks about “plan the work and work the plan”.  We who came from the corp world have heard this statement but in the small business world it really takes on an even stronger meaning since many small business do their planning by the “seat of their pants.”

I can envision this workbook will help guide a small business through all the confusion of the internet world and how it fits with the face to face relationships.

Brian; thanks for taking the next step to create a workbook that puts all the “stuff” talked about in your book into play in the real world.

Thanks for a great book.  Keep up the good work…..”

Jerry Needham – ProEnergy Consultants