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Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at The Skate Park Creative Commons

Have Something In Common

Commonalities build connection. When you meet someone, find out about their interests. You may be pleasantly surprised that you share involvement in your kids’ soccer accomplishments or dance recitals, or marching band. You may find another dog lover or horse enthusiast. Shared anecdotes or horror stories build connections and connections build relationships. Make connections and […]

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Old school & older school (Louis Mendes)

Pavlovian Networking

Pavlovian automatic reflexes are great. In fact, one automatic reflex is possibly the single most important driver for business networking. I’m talking about the business handshake. Try it yourself. At the next networking function, pick someone in the room, walk up to them, smile, hold out your hand and introduce yourself. Your target will respond […]

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James, I think your cover's blown!

Getting To Know You…

Face-to-face networking is the wisest choice when starting relationships. One of the major reasons is that about 90 percent of in-person communication is conveyed nonverbally.  A person’s walk, posture, handshake, eye contact, facial expressions and appearance as well as tone, rate, pitch, speed and inflection share volumes of information … and is missing online. If […]

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Fearless Networking

Are you apprehensive about networking events? Consider this – a networking event is actually the easiest place to network and make business connections. Everyone else is there for the same reason you are – to connect. By approaching them, you are doing them a huge favor. You may feel awkward, but the person standing alone […]

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Business Card Etiquette

Business cards are still a vital part of face-to-face networking. In this electronic age, business cards are still the easiest, most effective and most professional way to exchange information. The next effective step is to record the information into your database. Then feel free to dispose if you are so inclined. Etiquette is that if […]

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Woolworths Name Tag


Nametags go on the right! Elementary my dear Watson … or so I thought when it comes to the question of right or left  for tags not on languards. I learned differently when covering tips like this for an audience including CEOs. This exercise will help you understand why. Pretend you are shaking hands. Pay […]

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Turk Telekom...

Utilize Social Groups

Find the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus groups that make the most sense for your business. These can often be the best ways to develop online business relationships. Don’t just post links, however. Ask questions, comment on others’ posts, and actively participate. It’s a good way to expand your professional network. Matthew L. Brennan – Corporate Writing […]

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Time Jumper

Impress Me!

There are 86,400 seconds in a day; yet it takes 10 or fewer to make a first impression. Every color you wear and every movement you make (your walk, posture, handshakes, eye contact, facial expressions) often speak before your words and definitely more loudly. Know what impression you want to create in every networking venue […]

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Black Hole Takes A Planet - Vanishing Point (4/52)


Ever wonder why what you say in networking conversations often appears to go into a black hole? It may be because 90 percent of people listen autobiographically (What’s in it for me?) while only 10 percent listen emphatically (What’s in it for the other person?) Consciously focus how what you do benefits others. And now […]

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