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Be an “Introducer”

I consider myself the “introducer”.  Much like producing the introduction of similar people who I believe could and should do business together.  I create the interest, peak the curiosity, and close the deal.  How does this help me with networking?  They remember me.  Every time.  See, it’s not about me, it’s about them.  But, and […]

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What Do You Do?

Articulate succinctly when someone asks what you do.  Unless you are speaking to someone in your industry, ask and answer questions in lay language. Use active verbs, the most powerful words in the English language, and include benefits for the other person. Let them know clearly what’s in it for them. Lillian D. Bjorseth – www.duoforce.com […]

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Pay It Forward

Approach every new encounter with the idea, What can I do for you. Paying it forward can come back to you as a business, but it also just makes you feel good when you are able to  help someone else out! Jan Gibson – Gibby’s Wine Den

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Refer People To Your Blog

Your blog is an important educational tool. If a customer, client, or networking connection asks you a question that you’ve written about, don’t be shy about referring them back to your blog. Remember that your “in person” connections can some of your most valuable business relationships. Matthew L. Brennan – Corporate Writing Services    

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Go Over There…

We are most comfortable when our friends are at the networking groups we go to.  Actively seek out people you don’t know at networking events. Say “Hi” to your friends, but remember your purpose is to make new acquaintances! Ellen Huxtable – Advantage Business Concepts

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