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Be Prepared…

We all walk into meetings with expectations…  networking, leads groups, or places we volunteer.  When asked to step outside of the box, don’t be afraid to say yes. Stretch your limits (grow your boundaries), or take chances (work outside your comfort zone).  You may not be at your best, but you will certainly stretch your […]

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More often than not we underestimate how what we do affects others.  At no time is this more prevalent thans when we present about our business.  What you think of as mundane (because you do it and see it every day) can be enlightening, amazing, or impressing to others. Just because you say “So What?”, […]

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I Always Feel Like… Somebody’s Watching Me!

Last night(Sunday), our TV’s started glitching.  I call our provider and was given a scripted answer.  I posted angst on social media.  This morning (12 hours later), same problem and same response.  They were hoping that time would heal all wounds, but my posts on social media were getting an immediate response from my peeps […]

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