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Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

When Is It Time?

When is the right time to move on from a networking group?  That ranges from “Today” to “Never”.  It’s a hard question to ask and to answer.  It really depends on your business, your expectations, and your experience at each group.  There are times when relationships mean more than business and other times where business […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today we give thanks to our Moms.  They showed us how to be strong, how to love unconditionally, and how selflessness leads to a bounty.  They nurtured us and taught us many lessons, especially how to play well in the sandbox with others! To all theMom’s out there.. enjoy your day!

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What Makes You Different?

It’s not always what you do at networking that counts, sometimes it’s what you do outside of networking that can help create or solidify connections. I golf and play music.  What do you do…  knit, race sail boats, run 5Ks, rescue dogs, Civil War reenactments, volunteer, do magic, or enjoy cooking?  What every person has […]

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What Inspires You?

I was inspired during church today while my friends and musicians were performing on stage, artist Julie Vogt painted this picture (starting it upside down and then turning it over to finish) in less than 5 minutes.  The talk was about imagination…  Just imagine how connecting with so many talented people can change your persepctive? […]

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Being Socially Conscious…

Sometimes networking is about business and sometimes it’s about people.  Marc Hirschman from Cabinets4u stood up at this mornings networking group and told a story about how he loves and respects his sister. She overcome adversities and became a doctor… one that happened to be in the medical tent at the finish line of the […]

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Mr. Rogers Interview

Emotional Connections…

On a sad and tragic day like today (Boston Marathon Bombings) people are filled with emotions.  Do your best to not be divisive, polorizing, judgemental, or angry.  Try to be compassionate, and patient with those who need to emote, rant, rave or lash out.  Social media is filled with opinions…  those by people who are angry, […]

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