Networking Is An Art

Art is associated with creative people.  Networking is associated with business people.  That does not mean you can’t combine the two?  You can be creative when it comes to your business cards, introductions, presentations and more.  Paint with words.  Sing with speeches.  Sculpt with handouts.  Dance with questions.  Be Creative… networking is the stage for…

No Emotion

Be careful with online communications.  What’s missing is gestures, facial expression, vocal inflections and other queues that say “Kidding”, “Laughing”, “Sarcastic”, Nudge-Nudge”.  Even emoticons and be misinterpreted as “Angry”, “Hurtful”, “Bummed”, “Spiteful”, “Condescending”, and Hurtful”! Not all text translates the way your type it.  If you have to write disclaimers…  probably not worth posting!